He thought he didn't need Rental Reimbursement coverage.



What is Rental Reimbursement?

Say your car has to go into the repair shop because of an accident, an act of God, an act of vandals or thieves. What are you supposed to drive?

Rental Reimbursement coverage takes care of that. This bit of inexpensive coverage is offered by your auto insurance company and will pay for a rental car so you don't have to borrow from someone else, or pay for it yourself. Best of all, you can go about your daily routine with virtually no chance of embarrassment or suffering.

Do you currently have Rental Reimbursement?

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34% of responders have Rental Reimbursement.


34% of responders have Rental Reimbursement.

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34% of responders have Rental Reimbursement.

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What's wrong with this picture?

Put the family in the car.

Get the point? Lots of people have some type of Rental Reimbursement coverage, but it’s not enough to cover the right-sized vehicle. Make sure you have enough so you don’t have to squeeze and squish, or pay extra for a bigger automobile.

How many days is an average repair after an accident?

Thirteen days is the average. And that's just an average. Two weeks or more is a long time to commandeer a car from the family or hitch a ride. Not to mention you have a reputation to protect.

Which Costs More?

Crazy, but true. A whole month of Rental Reimbursement coverage can be even half as much as something you’d throw in your shopping cart without batting an eye.

*Coverage amount based on an estimated cost of $50 per year, depending on type and amount included. Average cost of pack of socks based on $7-10.

What would you rather spend $400 on?

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Agreed. Something swanky for yourself versus roughly $400* for a rental after just one accident? No contest. Save your money and get the coverage.

*Based on a 13-day repair

Excited about renting a car on your own dime? Then go for it. But if you like money in your pocket, make sure you have the coverage.

*Based on a 13-day repair

1 of 8* drivers will get into a crunch this year.

Yes, even safe drivers. So the least you can do is make sure you have a good car to drive, free of stickers, candy wrappers and loose French fries.

*2012 The Romans Group

Indignant Teenager
Annoyed Boss
Confused Parking Garage Attendant
Frustrated Spouse
Graph of Strife

Borrowing a car doesn't just affect you. It affects everyone around you. A transportation-challenged family can lead to missed meetings, wrongful parking tickets, the silent treatment and a litany of nightmarish errands.

The alternatives are rather limited.

It could come to this. You have no coverage, no funds for a rental and no car to borrow. This baby’s got four wheels and convertible-like ventilation. But with a top speed of 3.5 MPH, that's one slow commute.

Get it now.

You can settle this in just a few minutes. Call your auto insurance company and ask for Rental Reimbursement coverage, or find out if you might already have it. Some policies include it. Some treat it as an extra. Just make sure it’s enough to meet your needs.

Then what? Breathe easy, friend. You dodged a big one.

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